One of my favorite restaurant is Kusakabe, SF. The owner chef, Nori Kusakabe has been working at Sushi ran more than ten years. He is promised chef and always working at center in this restaurant since it opens few years ago. The first serve Ichibandashi **Ichiban Doshi, "first fish stock," extracts the best flavor and nutrients from kombu (kelp) and katsuobushi (bonito flakes). kasuobushi-flaver is very nice and intense. it affect my stomach to be ready to next, SUSHI! And sushi prelude. Today three sushi: Zuke chutoro, bluefin medium fatty tuna and others. Tsukuri=means sashimi was fresh and tasty. Then Hassun = Kind of Kaiseki style appetizer set. the variety of one bites Shigoku-oyster, VCaviar, Hakosushi=square shape style sushi, kani, Poteto, and tamago 4, Surinagashi of snap pea with crispy arare. Alaskan kinki and white bean paste Soup the last sushi was SantaBarbara uni and toro. our extra order, Hokkaido Uni ($16 for one!)