Veekaylight Double Row 5730 Led Waterproof Strip Rope Pipe Light SMD Roll (120 Led/Mtr) (Warm White) - Veekaylight
Minimum Quantity Max Quantity Amount Buy 0 Mtr To 20 Mtr at 72/- per mtr Buy 21 Mtr To 40 Mtr at 79/- per mtr Buy 41 Mtr To 60 Mtr at 87/- per mtr Buy 61 Mtr To 500 Mtr at 96/- per mtr Rope Light adapters related to this item Please buy number of plugs as per your requirements Veekaylight Rope Light adapters 220V 2 Pin 8mm plugs for Flexible Strip Tape Rope Lights Connector Adapter White Indian plug Most important difference between quality and non quality smd rope light is copper wire and led beads Copper wired rope light have very long life span ,safer and very good heat disruption capacity Since Veekaylight brand only sells copper wired smd rope lights and also uses best quality 5730 led beads that produces very high lumens as compared to many other brands available on marketplace We have also sold 1000 of meters in our brick and mortar store with defect rate of zero percent for copper rope light still in some cases if attached plug fails you can just change the plug. Please note that rope lights not fails only plug fails. Although we always provide you with high quality plugs. We always test the pieces for 4 to 5 hours in our premises before dispatching you just have to plug and play it.