Tax dollars at work: CDC says kissing chickens causes disease
There is nothing wrong with showering your family pets with love and affection, but this latest announcement by the CDC is truly for the birds. According to a recently released report, kissing chickens causes disease. Apparently, the world’s smartest scientists at the CDC are witnessing a huge increase in salmonella poisoning in the United States, and their only conclusion is that people are being far too affectionate with their barnyard fowl. The study’s findings were recently published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases. According to the report, a rather astonishing 13% of all salmonella cases that occurred in the United States between 1990 and 2014 were due, in part, to chicken smooching. But the CDC goes much deeper, of course. They just can’t help themselves. "Most contact occurred at the patients' home, and high-risk behaviors included keeping poultry inside the house and having close contact, such as holding, snuggling, or kissing poultry." Ewwww. Can this be true? The vaping industry has long been aware of the CDC’s tendency to exaggerate or even create facts seemingly out of thin air. But this is ridiculous. Kissing chickens and other CDC lies For over a year now, the CDC has been aggressively trying to convince the American People that vaping is a gateway to smoking. However, loads of scientific research from the UK’s Royal College of Professors and other European medical organizations directly contradict these claims. In fact, there have even been numerous studies conducted right here in the United States that show a significant decrease in teen smoking for the past several years. (Related Article: CDC LIES ABOUT VAPING; SAYS NO CHANGE IN ‘YOUTH TOBACCO USE SINCE 2011’) Yet, the CDC holds firm with their assertions that vaping is just as deadly as smoking. The lies and half-truths became so bad that Forbes Magazine published an article in late April just before the FDA deeming regulations were announced entitled, “Why is the CDC lying about e-cigarettes?” So, should we believe that salmonella poisoning is spreading because of some strange chicken fetish? According to the CDC, 46% of the patients studied kept chickens in their homes. 10% kept them in the bedrooms. And a whopping 49% of patients said that they snuggle with their precious poultry almost daily. These types of statistics sound eerily familiar to those broadcast by the CDC about vaping and teen smoking. The real “truth” behind the CDC report is more likely that people tend to snuggle and cuddle with the cute, little chickadees in their care rather than the full-grown chickens and roosters. But the CDC just loves to be the center of attention. What the cluck! (Related Article: U.S. SMOKING HITS 20-YEAR LOW, SO WHY IS THE FDA TRYING TO WIPE OUT E-CIGS?)