Vitamin Deficiency – Four Common Diseases Caused by Vitamin Deficiency | | Unimax Pharma
What is a Vitamin Deficiency? Vitamin deficiency occurs when there is insufficient or poor dietary intake of essential vitamins. Inadequate levels of vitamins may result in an array of miserable conditions and make the body feeble and vulnerable to many diseases. Types of Vitamin Deficiency Vitamin deficiency can be classified into two types: Primary Deficiency Primary deficiency is when an inadequate vitamin intake causes a person to become deficient. It is due to not receiving the necessary levels of a vitamin from your diet and this type is basic; it can be easily cured by adopting a special vitamin diet or taking vitamin supplements. Secondary Deficiency When a deficiency occurs as a result of a disease or lifestyle factor, this is called secondary deficiency. For example, smokers need to increase their intake of vitamin C by 30-50%. Another example is when someone's lifestyle causes them to get minimal sun exposure which cause a deficiency in their vitamin D levels. This