Kale-Os Review | The Curvaceous Vegan
so perfect for a snack I have fallen in love with kale, it is my favourite thing to eat and when I found these at the Just V Show I couldn't get enough of them, honestly, they are so delicious but not only that, they are keep you full until dinner. the product REVIEW TASTE They taste absolutely amazing, the flavours are perfectly balanced, they're not too over the top, but also what I love about it the most is you get quite a lot in a pack, I struggled to eat a whole bag, so instead I put a peg on them for later. cONSISTENCY The consistency of these fabulous crisps is amazing, sometimes when you have kale crisps they can be quite dry, but what I love about these ones is you don't have that at all, the flavour is completely perfect and they are not dry. thoughts I honestly have fallen in love with these beautiful crisps, they are the perfect snacks, especially if you're wanting to eat something around mid afternoon they're perfect, and they aren't too heavy so you are unable to eat