26 April 2019 - Weekly Newsletter - Vol.2 Issue 17
Ford Drivers, your car locks might not be secure Dear Start My Car family, I know that we are already a few days in to the week, but welcome back from the long weekend. I hope that you had a break and that you had no motoring issues. As always, we are continuously on the lookout for important information around motoring. We like to bring you both industry news and some analysis material. In today’s news, we bring you a News24 article that deals with the security challenges that FORD is experiencing. We think that we all need to take this article seriously. Please continue to keep us posted on your Start My Car experience. Please also have a look at the specials and promotions and be in touch with us. We love it when you make contact. All the best and safe driving, Baruch Raff. Ford owners are fuming as criminals are able to gain access to their vehicles by manipulating door locks. South African owners of Ford Fiesta and EcoSport models are affected by major security breaches: Criminals are breaking into their cars with ease due to manipulating 'door