Practical Advice on How to Get and Stay Fit from Four Very Busy Women
We have a confession. We're a little tired of hearing about how easy it is to achieve a healthy life-work-health balance. It isn't easy. It isn't simple. And finding time for everything we need and crave is a nightmare all it's own. Instead of listening to a slew of medical and fitness experts lecturing us on how we should be doing better, we reached out to a few real experts - active, entrepreneurial, very busy women. And the responses were nothing short of inspirational. Take quantum leaps. Really. The theory Cherie Corso is a New York-based mom, blogger, media personality, and parenting and lifestyle expert with a bright smile and killer looks. While her infectiously positive attitude seems to come naturally, keeping busy, fit, and healthy takes some extra effort. When we asked her how she gets it all done, she simply said,