Sending effective emails is an art. It is entirely possible to find work through cold emailing, as long as you are doing it correctly. Here are five tips to get you started! 1. Purpose The first thing you need to think about is what your purpose for emailing the person is. Do you simply want to introduce yourself? Do you want a job from them? Do you want to find out what they currently have in production? Knowing your purpose is essential as it will affect how you construct your email. The easier you make it for the person to understand what it is you want, the more likely they are to reply and the more likely you are to get the result you wanted. You should ensure you do this with each email individually, as you will need to adjust your game plan depending on who exactly it is you are speaking to. If you want to introduce yourself, you should simply suggest meeting in person for a coffee. If they agree then this can quickly strengthen the relationship, as emails alone are a bit too disconnected. This way you can have a casual chat and hopefully be memorable enough to stay on their radar for future opportunities. If you want a job from them, instead of simply asking them if you can do the job, you should say that you'd be interested to know if they will be holding an open pitch for the job. They are much more likely to allow you to get involved this way, as there is not much commitment required from them and they may be interested to see what you will produce. 2. Professional Address This may seem obvious, but you would be amazed at how many people still use email addresses which seem childish or unprofessional. Since this is the very first thing the person receiving the email will read, you need to make sure it will give off the right impression! Your email address should contain your full name and a minimal amount of additional numbers or characters. You may also add in something like 'music' or 'composer', but this isn't really necessary, and generally the simpler it is the better! A example of a bad email address would be '