Jeff Broadbent is an multi award winning composer whose passion for music has been heard around the world in numerous video games, films, television programs, and trailers. His adrenaline-fueled action music can be heard in blockbuster movies and trailers such as TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, and THE LAZARUS EFFECT. Jeff has won four Hollywood Music In Media Awards, a Game Audio Network Guild Award, seven Global Music Awards, a Telly Award, two ASCAP Plus Awards, and has been a finalist for the NAVGTR, Game Music Online, Radio Rivendell, and Soundtrack Geek awards. Jeff is represented by COOL Music LTD in London and Los Angeles. Throughout your composing career you have had the chance to write music for a diverse range of media, including games, trailers, film and television. What are the main creative differences in your workflow when working on interactive project compared to scoring a film? JB: For interactive media, one of the primary differences from film is that film is linear and scored to picture, whereas for a video game, you are composing pieces of music that work for different locations in the game, or different game states. So whereas for a film you'd be scoring directly to picture, in video games, you'd be composing looping pieces of music that play at specific moments in the game. And the music is specifically tailored for these unique uses. For example, I'm currently composing music for a fantasy MMO video game, that has different environments and regions. Each of these regions has its unique set of melodic themes, as well as instrument combinations, so they all sound distinct and recognizable. Video games also have interactive music, which is where there are often several layers of music, which crossfade between each other in real-time, to adapt to the actions of the gamer. A common example of this is exploration music, that transitions to tension music when enemies are near, that transitions to full battle music when engaged in combat. And there are little music