20 Gifts To Make Any Basic White Girl's Wish Come True
If you love your Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte, Avo toasts and consider yourself the queen of everything l then this blog is #totes made for you. 1. I Pretend That Coffee Helps Mug For the BB that needs a latte with them at all times buy HERE or buy other funny mugs HERE. 2. Avocado Toast Sweatshirt If you have an avo toast addiction buy this sweater HERE or purchase more HERE 3. A Girl Should Be Wall Decal Classy and Fabulous is obviously the motto purchase this wall decal HERE for more look HERE 4. Pilates? I Thought You Said Pie And Lattes Mug Who doesn't like a good pilates class? Purchase this mug HERE or for others go HERE. 5. Cardio Queen Sweatshirt If you can't live without your cardio purchase HERE or buy more entertaining sweatshirt HERE 6. If Only Sass Burned Calories Women's Racerback Tank Top Sass and calories thats all we care about amirite?? Buy this tank HERE or shop other funny tanks HERE 7. Kale Sweatshirt There is no such thing as too much kale. Purchase this product HERE or buy other funny sweatshirts HERE 8. If I Say First Of All Unisex T-shirt For the girlfriend that will never let anything slide purchase BEWARE and purchase HERE or take a look at other funny tees HERE 9. I Do Not Spew Profanities Mug For the basics that can't stop fucking cursing buy HERE or buy more hilarious mugs´╗┐ HERE 10. Mr Never & Mrs Always Right Couples Unisex T-shirt Set For the clingy girlfriend that needs a matching set and thinks she's always right buy HERE 11. I Don't Sing In The Shower, I Freaking Perform Shower Curtain Every girl loves singing loudly in the shower buy this amazing shower curtain HERE or for more creative curtains look HERE 12. Inhale Exhale Mug For the biggest yogi fan buy this mug HERE or buy other sarcastic mugs HERE 13. I Do Yoga To Relieve Stress Unisex V-Neck Tee Namaste Bitches. Buy this tee HERE or buy other funny tees HERE 14. Quick Call Wine-One-One Apron Perfect apron for the basic that loves to cook and sip on that chardonnay buy HERE or buy other funny aprons HERE 15. I Slay BeYonce' Phone Case Buy HERE for the 'Yonce fan or look at other phone cases HERE 16. I'm Not Always A Bit*h Just Kidding Go F*ck Yourself Mug For the bitch that never stops bitchin buy HERE or buy other funny mugs HERE 17. Someone Get My Mom A Latte Infant Onesie For the basic Mommy to gift to her baby buy HERE or shop other cute and sarcastic onesies HERE. 18. Queen of F*cking Everything Sweatshirt For the drama queen that thinks everything revolves around her shop HERE or shop more sweatshirts HERE. 19. I Doughnut Care Tote Bag The food they'll never eat but a typical answer nevertheless. Shop this tote HERE or purchase other funny totes HERE 20. Party Til Brunch Women's RacerbackTank Top Buy this tank that the basics will wear when they *don't* go to gym but still wear workout clothes HERE. Shop more funny tanks HERE