Streetwise Tips Vol. 2 - Anchoring, Line Handling, Docking
A how-to video by Rob Dubin with Don Street We've made the individual segments available for easy access to different topics. From the Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine library, this 56-minute how-to sailing video features legendary skipper and sailing author, Don Street shares more tips on how to make your cruising safer and more comfortable. Don demonstrates anchoring techniques: basics like how to choose the correct anchor for your boat and what anchors to use in what kinds of bottoms; details on using chain anchor rodes and anchoring with two anchors in areas with strong currents or beam to swells; how to retrieve a fouled anchor; handy knots and sewn whippings to keep lines from fraying; ways to prevent chafe on lines securing your boat to docks or moorings; line handling tips for better crew work; how to dock shorthanded; and methods for getting you afloat when you run aground. Learn from Don Street so you can cruise safely and with confidence. (S2Z) For more, check out Don Street's Streetwise Tips Volume 1. (S1Z)