Racing Tactics with Gary Jobson - Sailing Quarterly
A video by Rob Dubin with Gary Jobson. From the Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine library. In this 66 minute how-to sailing video, America's Cup champion Gary Jobson covers the racing tactics and technical skills you and your crew need to improve the performance of your boat in both fleet and match races. Gary takes you aboard a variety of sailboats to provide hands-on lessons. He uses animation and graphics to visualize concepts like wind shear and starting techniques that will help you get your boat out in front. Episodes include the Role of the Tactician... Tools and Tactics for Reading the Wind... Tuning up your boat and crew... Starting tactics... Mark Roundings... Match Racing... Instruments & Polars... Target boat speed... and Tactics for Offshore Racing. (R2Z) SUBSCRIBE for an interactive viewing experience. Watch the full video or navigate between segments. Plus, get access to our full library of sailing documentaries and how-to videos for one low monthly or yearly discounted price. Test sail a subscription today with our 7-day Free Trial. A DVD of this title is available at