Take this Split Air Conditioner or AC on Rent to beat away the searing heat. He loves giving people the chills and is adept at his job and can go all the way down to a chilly 16 Deg if asked politely. All our ACs have been priced to ensure they don't burn a hole in your pockets. He is part of our Appliances collection that includes – 32” LED TV, Washing Machine, Fridge and Microwave. The rentals for this SPLIT AC starts from a monthly rental of just 999 rupees per month. So go ahead and RENT away MACHA! (The image is for representation sake) Installation Amount : An installation charge of 2500 would be applied additionally. This does not cover any carpentry work and any such installation that involves carpentry work shall be billed additionally. Also please note that we would be collecting the Installation and the First 3 month rentals for every order. Hence reach out to us should you have any doubts on the same before placing an online order