ROTY - Remixer Of The Year 2018
The show kicked off on 17th february 2019 at 18pm, hosted by Ziona, Leoni, Slaygon and Boz. As always, the show featured a run-down of the scene-happenings of 2018, along with what was popular at RKO and AR each month. The Best Newcomer Award 2018 was given to Vaggelis Papadopoulos who impressed with his metal works. MRT managed to win the most votes as Best Veteran. SHEN LON was awarded the Best Amiga Remix for his Turrican 1 Level 5 remix. Commando High Score by FastLoaders managed to score the most popular C64 Remix of 2018. A very surprised and moved LaLa was given the Lifetime Achievement award for being constantly around since day one of the remixing scene, writing numerous reviews, oragnising projects and for being an ever helpful and decent fellow. The main award was handed out to SHEN LON, making him Remixer Of The Year 2018! Congratulations everyone! Well deserverd, and thank you for all your contributions. You're all winners!