ROTY - Remixer Of The Year 2017
This year's show is hosted by Ziphoid and Fnordpojk from SceneSat Radio, broadcast on SceneSat and SLAY Radio. The award announcements were accompanied by a rundown of last year's popular releases of each month. The first award to be announced was Best Newcomer, which was won by SIDNIFY, followed up by SHEN LON, Xandra and Jeroen Tel sharing the 2nd place. Best Veteran was won by MRT, followed up by Johan Andersson. The Lifetime Achievement Award was honored to legendary Dr. Rob Hubbard, who thanked the community in a recorded message to the listeners. The topping was a brand new SID tune by Rob, which he did for the Project: Hubbard kickstarter A special award was presented to Chris Abbott: Continous and Extraordinary Awesomeness Over the Top Award. He basically started the remixing scene, and kept on investing so much into it, currently working on Project: Hubbard and other projects. ROTY regular daXX won Best Amiga Remix with Pinball Dreams (Beatbox Ingame Remix) Best c64 remix joint first place was won by Jeroen Tel with the track Auf Wiedersehen Monty & Commando and SIDNIFY with Supremacy (Overprime mix). Incidentally Supremacy was originally also composed by Jeroen. The big award, Remixer of the Year was awarded to MRT, who was also Best Veteran and represented several tracks in the top 5 Best c64 Remix category. By this he pulls of a hat-trick, being ROTY three times in a row since 2015!