New site structure
We're back! The Remix64 backend has been revamped to allow for multiple connections between your member account and your various remix projects. That means: you can manage the information for all your projects from your "My Remix64" section, it also means that all members of a group can manage their song and band infos from their individual member accounts.To establish connections to your remix projects, log in to "My Remix64" and follow the instructions at the "My Connections" page.The new structure is represented by new URLs. Here are a few examples:The "Act" URLIt represents the name under which a person or a band has released remixes. It lists all the releases, and the members involved. "Member" URLHere you'll find your new Remix64 member profile page. It now shows a list of all remix projects you have worked on, and a list of all your project's releases. "Track" URLThis is the good old remix info page. old URLs will still work and forward to the proper new location, so there's no immediate need to update your links.We also have a revamped member directory.Enjoy! - LMan