An Interview with Martin Galway by Claudio Sánchez
by Claudio Sánchez Hello, I'm Claudio Sánchez, member of the forum of Lemon641, a site dedicated to the Commodore 64, one of the most known computers in Europe and USA in the eighties. Also, webmaster of The C64 Inventory2, a site with the goal of having an inventory of all existing C64s around the world. In both places you will find me as Tokafondo. Here we have an interview with a C64 music legend, Martin Galway. He is one of the most known music composers for that machine. His work is seen in many games for that machine, and today in modern PC games like some titles of the Wing Commander series. Today he is working for Digital Anvil, a company that has a deal with Microsoft for producing games under that company's seal. After reading a lot of them available in many sites, and seeing that most of them have the same questions, I tried to have a different approach to the life and work of this man, whose name is one of the first that arises when people talk about C64 music.