YONEX NANORAY 800 Badminton Racket - Pure Racket Sport
Yonex Nanoray 800 (Black / Magenta) - This a technology-packed badminton racket designed for an advanced, offensive player. This unstrung, professional racket can be supplied STRUNG. We only charge half price for this service for new purchases. Our experienced stringers can string to whatever specification you need; fast ! Email with requirements for immediate feedback to info@pureracketsport.com, or call the shop 01252 717214 – take our advice on what might work best for your game. Made in Japan - 4UG4 Weight (grams): 83g Balance: Head Light-Even Flex: Stiff Construction: HMGraphite/X-Fullerene/Sonic Metal It has the thinnest of any Yonex frame at the top of the racket to ensure increased head speed and a thicker bottom for maximum repulsion. This stiff racket with an isometric head is head light balanced to provide speedy handling and guarantees a fast and controlled swing. To improve stability and repulsion power, the racket uses X-Fullerene technology and strong Sonic Metal titanium alloy placed at the top of the frame creates a clear, strong sound when hitting the shuttlecock. Plus, for significant air resistance reduction and a great feel, there is Super Slim Long Shaft technology. An independent, specialist – PURE RACKET SPORT is the best shop in Surrey for badminton, squash and tennis and racketball. Great advice, helpful service and lots of deals ! Free private car park right outside the entrance – open 7 days a week year round.