SPICYSWEET - Pisqueya Salsa Picante
SPICY SWEET No Preservatives ● Low Sodium ● Vegan ● Gluten Free ● Zero Calories ● Kosher The island-grown passion fruit and chili peppers will bring a tropical heat and sweetness that will brighten your dishes. Marinate, saute, grill or pour for a wave of authentic Latin spice. Ingredients: passion fruit, carrots, sugar, lemon juice, caribbean chili peppers, kosher salt, garlic 5 Oz / 147 ml Serving Suggestions: ● Chips ● Salads ● Shrimp ● Tacos ● Pork Chops ● Ice Cream ● Vegetables ● Cocktails ● Fried Chicken ● Cheese ● Dips Storage Instructions: Our hot sauce can stay on your shelf at room temperature for up to two years. Once opened, refrigeration helps preserve its quality.