SMOKYHOT - Pisqueya Salsa Picante
SMOKY HOT Sugar Free ● No Preservatives ● Low Sodium ● Vegan ● Gluten Free ● Zero Calories ● Kosher The original recipe, made with six natural ingredients including the Dominican Scotch Bonnet Pepper known for its smoky sweetness, and delicious heat. Ingredients: scotch bonnet peppers, jalapeño peppers, garlic, vinegar, water, kosher salt 5 Oz / 147 ml Serving Suggestions: ● Beans and Lentils ● Sancocho ● Rice and Quinoa ● Empanadas ● Tacos ● Pizza ● Hummus ● Queso Frito ● Soups & Stews ● Meats ● Burgers ● Bloody Marys & Micheladas ● Anything that needs a kick Storage Instructions: Our hot sauce can stay on your shelf at room temperature for up to two years. Once opened, refrigeration helps preserve its quality.