Writing a self-help book made me feel worse | UK Self Care & Lifestyle Blog | Philocalist
This year I relaunched A fancy new look was long overdue and I wanted to transition from fashion and beauty content to mental health and self care content. A few months later I had an amazing burst of creative inspiration that spawned The Self Care Manifesto. And things went downhill from there really. Whilst the initial reaction was really exciting, I wan't prepared for the internal pressure I'd put on myself. You see, the problem with writing self help content is that you put yourself on a pedestal. You might not know it now, but it creeps up on you the more people start listening in. I'd hazard a guess that anyone reading this who wants to write a self help book themselves probably thinks they're mentally tough enough to handle it. Maybe you think this is the sort of thing that happens to other people, or you've mastered the art of keeping your anxieties at bay. If so, amazing work - please teach me! However, I'd say you can never be too sure until you've