Mashed Autumn Root Vegetables with Caramelized Onions (Gluten-Free)
Mashed Autumn Root Vegetables with Caramelized Onions (Gluten-Free)--- Rutabagas, parsnips, turnips, carrots, potatoes, and sweet potato are the delicious lineup for this scrumptious fall dish. Caramelized onions finish this dish to perfection. This is the perfect fall side. Let's make some Mashed Autumn Root Vegetables! INGREDIENTS: 4 red potatoes 6 large rutabagas 6 medium parsnips 3 large sweet potatoes 2 large carrots 8 vidalia onions 3 sticks butter 2 tbsp. salt 2 tbsp. pepper 8 cups water DIRECTIONS: Peel and dice all vegetables into 1/2 in to 1 inch chunks. Place all vegetables except diced onions in large pot, cover with water, and boil for about an hour and half on medium/high. Meanwhile, in a large frying pan, melt one stick of butter, add onions and saute until caramelized. Set aside. Drain vegetables and return to large pot. Add 2 sticks butter, salt and pepper Allow butter to melt. Mash vegetables well. Add sauteed onions and mix well. VIOLA!! We have gluten-free mashed root vegetables! Yum.