New update for FAB 3000 Version 7. Next is Version 8!
We've been busy this year preparing for the release of FAB 3000 Version 8 which is scheduled to be ready mid-September 2018. Here's some benefits of FAB 3000 V8: Faster DFM Checks (by using advanced CPU optimization). Python API's for automation/script building. A full Stackup visualizer. A Universal Stackup converter for both Rigid and Flex PCB's. Improved PCB Panelizer. Improved User Interface. Workspace file sharing. 64-bit Linux Release will support Kernel 3.10.x And much more! New Update --- FAB 3000 Version 7: We recently published a new update for FAB 3000 V7 to make the helpful improvements our customers have suggested, and add some additional features to provide as much value as possible. Here's a complete list of FAB 3000 Version 7.10.9 features, improvements, and bug fixes: FAB 3000 (CAM Software) FAB 3000 is a professional CAM software package targeted for anyone who would like to have