Generating high-resolution Gerber & GDS-II from 3D STEP Files in less than a few minutes.
It can be very convenient for a designer to use 3D Modeling Software (like Inventor, Solidworks, etc.) to quickly layout a circuit. There are many benefits to using 3D Modeling software for simple layouts except for one - generating good usable Gerber, Drill, and GDSII files for manufacturing. Many designers have tried unsuccessfully to export DXF, STL, and other formats from their 3D Modeling Software and hoped to convert to Gerber, Drill, and GDSII. However results from those conversions inclued unusable geometries that were not filled properly, missing layers and objects, FACE rendering quality of complex curves was extremely poor, and more. Here's an example of poor FACE rendering quality which makes the conversion unusable for manufacturing purposes: Using ACE Translator 3000 or FAB 3000 will allow you to easily export a STEP file AP203/AP214 from your 3D Modeling Software and convert to high-resolution usable files that will work perfectly with any manufacturer. Note: STEP AP203/AP214 is the defacto standard 3D format that can be exported by ALL 3D Modeling Software. Here's a tutorial demonstrating how to import the STEP file using FAB 3000, extract all required layers, extract NC/Drill data (optional), border layer, and output high resolution manufacturing files in a few minutes.