Slink Stretch Bronze - 3 Sizes
Slink Stretch Bronze - 3 Sizes The Slink Stretch line is designed for guys looking to train their holes to take bigger and bigger toys. The “Stretch” series starts with the largest Slink and goes bigger than ever before. Retooled for targeted play so that the overall length has been shortened and extra mass has been added to the plug portion. With the Slink Stretch SquarePeg has minimized the depth and maximized the stretch! The initial taper helps keep the toy threaded in your hole while you bounce and get all that the thick plug has to offer. The neck was kept thick to keep you nice and wide open. An advanced toy for guys really looking to work their holes over. A megastretch toy that will have keep your hole open and have you begging for more! Everything made by SquarePegToys® is crafted entirely in the USA from only US sourced, 100% Platinum Grade Silicone. Length Stretch Circumference Neck Circumference #1 17" (43 cm) 12.25" (31.1 cm) 9" (23 cm) #2 17" (43 cm) 14" (35 cm) 9.5" (24.1 cm) #3 18" (46 cm) 16" (41 cm) 11" (28 cm)