Skwert Water Bottle Douche Kit
Skwert Water Bottle Douche Kit Be ready for action anytime, anywhere! With the Skwert you can turn any water bottle into a douche. The five-hole nozzle is 100% soft-touch silicone and comes with two different threaded adaptors that will fit most water bottles. You also get an adaptor that allows you to use this with your shower shot system at home. All adaptors are made from solid ABS construction and are leak proof. Quick, easy and convenient. Plus it fits easily almost anywhere so you can always have this fucker handy! Forget the shower hose, just find a bottle of water, screw it on and you’re ready to go. Kit Includes Sanitary Storage Cap Soft 100% Silicone Nozzle (4”) Small Water Bottle adaptor Large Water Bottle adaptor Shower Hose adaptor Safe with all lubricants. Wash after use with soap and water. Allow to air dry.