The Original Colon Snake POGO
Pogo Colon Snake - Square Peg Solid core silicone, seamless construction is what sets this toy hands above all others of its type. With this POGO snake you get a pronounced knob head to help you feel where it is inside and provide a little bit of fun at the hole, smooth surface, square handles (a SquarePeg trademark) for ease of control with slippery hands and calibrated marks cast right into the surface so you know exactly how much has gone in. Makes for fun goal setting as well. These are not hollow like some others so they won't harbor bacteria or crimp easily inside, giving you ultimate control. These are the only 'sticks' currently on the market made of pure silicone. Why is this so important? With the inherent dangers of plasticizers and vinyl (that sticky goo that forms on cheaper toys) it's important to keep anything that can is in direct contact with so much of your colon to be as clean and as inert as possible. Lengths are listed as full lengths. Insertable lengths as indicated by marks on the POGO (Yes! You can see how much you've taken!) Length Width Insertable Length 9" (23 cm) 1" (3 cm) 8" (20 cm) 15" (38 cm) 1" (3 cm) 13" (33 cm) 15" (38 cm) 1.5" (4 cm) 13" (33 cm) 20" (51 cm) 1.25" (3.2 cm) 19" (48 cm) 38" (97 cm) 1" (3 cm) 36" (91 cm)