Leather Cocksucker - All-Round Zip Hood
Leather Cocksucker All-Round Zip Hood A hood inside a hood - making this one of the more versatile hoods you can own. If you're intimidated by hoods, this can also be a great way to train yourself (or your boy) to take hood play further.Since there are open eye holes and a large open chin area, the hood is not too severe to wear at first. Rear lacing ensures that you can pull the face piece firmly back for that 'second skin' feel. A back zipper both covers the lacing and can be locked at the collar to make sure it stays on. Then you can begin to lower the front zipper a little more each time until you're used to the total darkness. The hood becomes a leather cage once both panels are zipped down and locked on!When worn with the face panel unzipped, the open chin really lets you suck dick or wear a large ball gag. Zip the front panel only half way down and your boy won't see which of those is coming his way first.