The Estate Dossiers - Monte Cook Games
Bring Your Campaign to Life! A clever prop can add a sense of veracity and mystery to your game. The Estate Dossiers can be printed or copied, maybe tossed into a manila folder, then given to players at just the right time: when their characters ransack an NPC’s office or get handed a folder of documents to prepare for their next Estate mission. The package contains the following dossiers and other props, written by various operatives within the Estate: Welcome message for new Estate recruits Threat assessment of the quickened creatures Estate operatives might face Report on how an operative should approach translation Reports on Ardyn, Ruk, and Crow Hollow (each suitable as a translation connection) Report on the dark energy network of the Strange Estate letterhead to create your own dossiers or official Estate communications A template for an Estate ID badge A copy of the Estate campus map The Estate Dossiers PDF only By Bruce R. Cordell $1.99