Greetings from the Monte Cook Games Annual Summit! - Monte Cook Games
Greetings, friends, from the Monte Cook Games Annual Summit! The entire Monte Cook Games team has gathered in the lovely Seattle area to reflect on the previous year, to plot the upcoming year, and to discover ways we can improve our products, our company, and ourselves. Because we’re a distributed company, this is also one of our few opportunities to simply enjoy one another’s company. On Wednesday night we played a fantastic, dynamic game of Invisible Sun gamemastered by Shanna and Monte. We can’t wait for this game to be in your hands! On Thursday we we went to Zulu’s Board Game Cafe and got to relax and play all sorts of boardgames together. We engaged in all kinds of merriment and silliness. Here are some pictures of the weekend so far–we’ll be back to our regular operations and web articles next week!