Giant Sale—Plus Free Domestic Shipping! - Monte Cook Games
If you’ve been thinking about trying out one of our games, picking up a deck or other accessory to make your game and prep run smoother, or fill a little gap in your collection, now’s the time. This week only, all print products on the MCG Shop are on sale. And you can get free shipping, too! (For domestic US orders.) Save $24 on the Numenera Discovery and Destiny Slipcase Set. Just trying out Numenera? Save $5 on the Numenera Starter Set. (Makes a great gift, too!) Pick up the Numenera Creature Deck, and make your GMing easier—in prep and at the game table. The NPC Deck, the Intrusion Deck, the Ruin Deck—they’re all game-changers, and they’re all 20% off. Save almost ten bucks on the astonishingly imaginative Secrets of Silent Streets. Or pick up supplements for Numenera, The Strange, or the Cypher System. Take $8 off No Thank You, Evil! And save on I’m a Guide!, Story, Please!, and Uh-Oh, Monsters! And don’t forget dice, playmats, minis, The Ninth World board game, and more—they’re all on sale! Literally every physical product (excluding preorders) is on sale. It’s an incredible opportunity to kick off a summer of gaming with a load of new games! Later this month we’re making some changes to our shipping policy, but during this sale basic domestic US shipping is still free. Standard shipping rates apply on expedited shipping and non-US orders. So grab some fantastic games, save some money, get free shipping, and have kick off a summer of great gaming. The MCG Shop sale is on now!