Trend Report: Snakeskin Pieces You’ll Love
I wanted to start creating a couple new blog series around here for you all, because I am definitely trying to shake things up in 2019! One thing I am going to be begin incorporating regularly are trend report posts to help y’all stay on the up and up when it comes to the latest trends! As always, there will always be affordable options in these roundups, so I hope you enjoy this series going forward! For my first installment, I am talking my current favorite trend, snakeskin. Fun nerdy fact: I have learned from every Harry Potter quiz I’ve ever taken that I am indeed a Slytherin…not sure if that means I’m a horrible person or that I’m just really cunning and know what I want, but nonetheless, I think it explains my obsession with this current trend of snakeskin. Shop this midi skirt via Shein here I think a lot of people shy away from snakeskin because its viewed as tacky or associated with bad 80’s fashion…I totally get it, but there are ways to pull this look off in a way that is really cool. I love that this print even on a purse can elevate your look and add extra texture that wasn’t there before. In case this trend has you feeling a little uneasy, don’t sweat it…many pieces in this print come in the form of accessories, which mean you can do snakeskin in small doses. I personally love any and all animal prints, so to me snakeskin is another opportunity to walk on the wild side. Below, you’ll find my current favorite snakeskin pieces from all price points and styles. All you have to do is click the item you’re interested in, and you will be directed to the product page. Trend Report: Snakeskin I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Comment below on which trend you would like to see covered next! Check out my last trend report on Gingham here! Related