Hair How To: Easy Curly + Straight Styles with Revlon
I have a sort of love-hate relationship with my hair. I love how thick and full it is, but I REALLY wish it was naturally curly. On the other hand, I do love how manageable straight hair is on a daily basis. I know, I can’t have it all…or can I? I’m here to tell you that, yes, you can have both thanks to Revlon’s Pro Collection of heat styling tools! Each utilizes copper ceramic technology to deliver styles with major impact but not major damage. Get ready for a hair how to that will help you get both styles with ease! Before beginning any hairstyle, be it straight or curly, it is important to get all the tangles out of your hair. Revlon’s Make it Straight XL Paddle Brush is perfect for long-haired gals like me, because it works through a lot of hair at once and is the great companion to a hair dryer, as it helps reduce drying time. Its also the perfect tool to brush out your curls if you’re looking for a smoother, softer style. Shop this paddle brush here! Hair how to – Straight: My hair is naturally pretty straight, but unfortunately for me, if left to its own devices on an air dry, it looks kind of like…nothing. Its shapeless and tends to dry with weird waves here and there, so I either have to straighten it or curl it. I have been loving a sleek, straight do’ for a while now. It definitely is always a chic way to go! The Revlon Salon Copper Smooth 1” Flat Iron is honestly the perfect tool for achieving this look without frying your hair. There’s no need to wait long to get your hair style going, as it heats up in only 10 seconds and will remember the last heat setting you had on. Its Super XL 125mm Copper Infused Advance Ceramic plates make my hair super sleek. The combination of the copper and ceramic delivers ultra-fast heat transference with 81% less breakage! One tip that I love when trying to achieve sleek, straight hair without ending up with super flat hair is to start as close to your roots as possible and pull up for a couple seconds and then pull down. This gives your roots a little lift and helps to keep your hair from laying straight down to your scalp. I also love to pull the flatiron toward my chin as I get to the ends to create a curved in look to show off my layers. To top off a straight, sleek look, I am loving playing with fun clips and barette’s! Shop this flat iron for only $39.99 at Ulta Beauty Here! How To: Curly My go-to style is undone, beachy waves. This style seems like it works for any season and is always on trend year after year. When done correctly, I can rock this style for a couple days straight, which is great because if I do it once, I can save time for the next couple days. First of all, you have to start with the right tools. The Revlon Salon Advanced 3X Copper Ceramic 1 1/4″ Curling Iron heats up quickly and also curls my hair so quickly. Normally, it takes me about 45 minutes to do my entire head of hair, but with this curling iron, it took me roughly 30 minutes, which is such a win! I am also happy to report that my curls lasted for 2 straight days, which means less time in the bathroom the next day! The price point is fabulous as well, it is only $29.99. The result: big, bouncy curls that deliver on volume! Shop my go-to curling iron from Revlon at Ulta Beauty Here! I hope this tutorial helped answer some of your questions on how I do my hair! I really try to keep it simple with my regular routine, and these Revlon tools help me do just that, plus they’re at such a great price point for the quality they deliver! Related