5 Fun Thanksgiving Activities
Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday but... it can be stressful with a full house. Here a few ideas to help keep the kids entertained. 1. HANDPRINT TURKEY HAT This turkey hat is easy and adorable from Crafty Morning and there are lots of other easy thanksgiving crafts on her blog. 2. THANKFUL PRINTABLES These placemats from Elia Claire are great to keep older kids entertained at the table and a this coloring sheet from Projects for Preschoolers is perfect for smaller kids. 3. SCAVENGER HUNT Family scavenger hunt, yes please. Get the printout on The Science Kiddo. 4. PAPER ROLL TURKEY This is so easy and you can even pre-cut the pieces, you know in all that spare time you have. The Resourceful Mama has the tutorial. 4. TURKEY BOWLING This was my favorite idea for older kids! The Seasoned Mom has the instructions on her blog. 5. SHAKE YOUR TAIL FEATHERS Play. Party. Plan has a ton of fun games to get you up and moving after your feast.
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