Le bolle delle lettere. Pendant - Maschio Gioielli Milano / Shop Online
Circular pendants made of 925 silver or 9k yellow gold, wabi sabi finished (vintage). You can mix and wear the pendants as you like.. Three different sizes: _ small: diameter of 3 cm (max. 25 figures); _ medium: diameter of 4 cm (max. 45 figures); _ large: diameter of 6 cm (max. 70 figures). Choose the diameter you prefer and use "Write here" field to enter your customization.. (The font is standard, irregular and asymmetrical, punched, then blackened. You can choose between UPPERCASE or lowercase.) IF YOU HAVE PREFERENCES ON THE TEXT LAYOUT, SPECIFY IT IN THE "WRITE HERE" BOX (FOR EXAMPLE, REPEATING A NAME THREE TIMES LIKE WE DID). [Manufacturing time within 10 WORKING DAYS.]