Lucy Overthinks… Infidelity | Lucy Goes Dating
Lucy has two friends. Their names are Helen and Mina. Helen's in her mid-forties, married with a 10-year-old daughter. Mina is 35, and single… technically. Helen's husband has been having an affair for the past fifteen years. For the last ten, Mina's been in a relationship with a married man. Two sides of the infidelity coin. The scorned wife, and the scarlet woman. Helen Lucy met Helen at work. She was one of the best bosses Lucy's ever had: brilliant and decisive, but also warm and supportive. She and Lucy hit it off, and after the project ended they became friends. Recently, over dinner and rather too much wine, Helen told Lucy all about her husband's affair. 51-year-old David has been secretly seeing Sarah, who's in her late 30s, for almost their entire relationship. So far, so fucking stereotypical. He and Helen both have busy careers, often involving nights away, so he was easily able to hide his despicable scumbaggery until the day he received a text and immediately