Mr No-Relationship, Part 12 – Firefighting | Lucy Goes Dating
If you've been regularly following this story, you'll know that Lucy's in Kenya, where she met, and fell head over heels for, a charismatic Australian named Brad. And everything was unicorns and rainbows and skipping hand-in-hand through meadows of wildflowers until last weekend, when she and Brad had a disagreement about drink-driving, which turned into a massive screaming fight, and just like that the whole glittering house of cards has come crashing down in a fiery shitstorm of blood-soaked misery and destruction. Ok, maybe that's a little melodramatic, but it was bad. Really fucking bad. And if you don't believe me, you can catch up here, or start from the top here. Aftermath All week Brad barely messages her, and Lucy's distraught. Anna, who is now rapidly becoming her lifeline, checks up on her. You may well wonder why Lucy does not simply call Brad out for being a cunt and dump his sorry arse. But feelings aren't rational. Lucy's spent the last two weeks dismantling her