The Killerspin Difference
Killerspin. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of the name. But what you might not understand are the unique elements behind our brand and product offerings. Why not just buy a £200 ping pong table? Strap yourself in, because we’re about to share an entire world of difference - the Killerspin Difference. Design is a critical element when it comes to the Killerspin difference. When Killerspin put their founding team together, we knew that we wanted the best. And since our products have an athletic and competitive edge, we knew that our team wouldn’t be complete until we had recruited some of ping pong’s very best players. Felipe Morita is one of Killerspin’s on-staff ping pong pros. From his vast experience, he shares that Killerspin offers the highest quality rackets and tables on the market, that are perfect for all different styles and levels of players. Furthermore, “What makes Killerspin different from others is the different kinds of products they offer: Revolution tables, outdoors tables/rackets, and the Stylo paddle - the fastest racket in the world. Killerspin is always innovating and creating outstanding products.