5 Celebrities that Love Ping Pong!
Famous politicians, musicians, athletes, actors, writers... You name it, they play it. Here's a list of 5 celebrities that love the game of ping pong. Bob Marley Reggae icon Bob Marley loved ping pong. Number one love was soccer, but it seems that table tennis was inevitable part of his life. Pearl Jam Anytime - anywhere, table tennis can be enjoyed by everyone since it transcends age, gender, social and ethnic differences. One of the most memorable Ping Pong scenes was during the encore break when Pearl Jam crew pulled out a ping pong table and set it up while the 'Star Wars' theme played over the loudspeaker. And there was a first live ping pong music challenge, and the sponsor was the Pearl Jam road crew. Justin Bieber Pop-star Justin Bieber is known to love a game of table tennis. It's also known that Bieber has a special rider in his concert contracts requiring a ping pong table, which he plays incessantly. Andrea Pirlo Table tennis is a great secondary sport which helps athletes from various sports realize the benefit of. Table tennis, as a secondary sport, tremendously helps the improvement of hand and eye coordination as well as overall brain cognitive functions. Barack Obama and David Cameron Britain's former Prime Minister and American president, David Cameron and Barack Obama, showed off their ping pong skills at a school visit. Cameron claimed that he had learnt the game from former chancellor Norman Lamont. What do you think, will the next president continue the ping pong tradition?