Ventair - Spyda True Spin Technology 50'' Teak Ceiling Fan – IC Lighting
Product Features: Size: 50" (1250mm) Input Voltage: 240V AC Power (W): 55/34/14 watts Speed H/M/L (RPM): 230/170/107rpm Air Movement: 12600/10020/6060³/h Motor Size: 172x16mm Light Kit Adaptable: Yes (Light Kit not Included) Light Output: 20W, Dimmable Light Colour: 3000K, 4200K Lumen Output: 1600 Lm Blade Pitch: High(curved blade) Mount Angle: 0-25° Blade Material: 3 Polycarbonate Composite Colour: Teak Winter/Summer Function: Yes Indoor/Outdoor application: Yes Extension Rod Available: Yes, in two sizes 450mm and 900mm (optional) Warranty: 6 Years Optional Remote Control: Yes, Compatible with SPYRFRDIM