I miss my bed | i-nfinitepotential.com
The dad-weekend and mom-week thing were all new to us. It is quite a change for a 7-year old who grew up having the run of the farm. Everywhere was safe. A huge playground.Divorce changes things. ​ ​Town and a mother who worked all day and came home at night bone-weary was all new. Suddenly all we had was a local schoolboy who had to make sure we do our homework after school. We knew nobody else....So going "home" for the first weekend with dad I looked forward to the familiarity of my room and my bed. My lovely sunny room with my own bed and the wisteria outside the window with the turtle doves. My bed was gone, my room was empty. I had to sleep in the lounge. Now anyone who knows how old stone houses was constructed around the central room, with a room added on for every extra child, will understand that this cavern in the middle of the house never saw sunlight. And was accessible from all sides. No safety. I had to sleep there. Next to the radio which my dad left on all night.