HowCork visits Neonyt July 2019
Reading time: 5 minutes This July, we had the opportunity to attend Neonyt, a sustainable fashion event/trade show that takes place in Berlin twice a year. This year marked the tenth anniversary of the event, which is considered the global hub for fashion, sustainability, and innovation. Neonyt is the sustainable fashion branch of Berlin Fashion Week. We found out about Neonyt through the sustainable fashion hashtags that we follow on our Instagram account. The tickets to attend were free, but the event is only open to those involved in the sustainable fashion industry, be it brands, stores, journalists, or influencers. Upon receiving approval for a ticket, I was already pumped up and excitedly looking forward to the event. We started planning our journey from Central Italy to Berlin, with a stop in Sudtirol, Austria for a break from driving at the midway point. We went to the event as visitors, to seek out new connections in the sustainable fashion realm, gain inspiration from the brands participating, attend the talks held by the discussion panels, and develop our ideas for creating a line of products of our own. It was our first time in Berlin, and it was a beautiful experience. From riding the metro, which is by far the most functional and accessible metro and bus system I have yet encountered, to enjoying the vegan food scene of downtown Kreuzberg, Berlin gave us the jolt of innovation, new ideas, and positive, youthful energy that we were looking for. Passing through Downtown Kreuzberg But our time at Neonyt was without a doubt the highlight of our trip to Berlin. From the second that we entered the building at Kraftwerk Berlin, which was a large warehouse with a raw and creative ambiance, we could feel the wave of the sustainable fashion movement rising. Over 100 sustainable brands were set up with tables and displays, with their incredible artisans, designers, and creators present to explain their brand mission. Bird's-eye view of Neonyt at Kraftwerk Berlin While walking around the facility for the first time, within minutes upon entering we found ourselves immersed in riveting and insightful conversations with others who care about the health of our planet, innovation in fashion, and bringing sustainable, natural materials into the spotlight. It was great to meet some of the sustainable brands whose products we already wear, such as Hempage, a hemp-based clothing line, Mud Jeans, an ethical jeans producer combining recycled and organic denim, and Nae Vegan Shoes, whose Pinatex-based shoes I happened to be wearing at the event. Mud Jeans shows how old denim jeans are recycled to make new jeans The discussion panel, called FASHIONSUSTAIN, focused this year on an extensive range of topics, from water used in textile production, the state of the denim industry as well as denim as a potential model for sustainability, artisan empowerment through craft and digitalization, purchasing with purpose, better packaging solutions, and so much more. In between sessions at the FASHIONSUSTAIN Neonyt Conference One of my absolute favorite talks was called