Revert Muslim Crimp Hijab Set » Hidden Pearls
Know somebody who has recently converted to Islam? Why not help them feel part of the community by giving them their very own special welcome! Inspire them by showing them what Islam really is about – community, warmth and love. It can be an isolating time for a non-Muslim when they turn to Islam as they often get cut off from loved ones and friends who may not agree with their choice. We should do our bit to make them feel comfortable and a part of the Muslim community. In our Revert Muslim Crimp Gift Set you get to choose your own hijab colour. The set includes: Crimp Hijab - The latest fashion craze and a style that has been worn by hijab bloggers such as Habiba Da Silva. The crimp hijab is the plain hijab that is currently on trend and looks great with any outfit! Very light and no need to iron, making life so much easier when you are on the go. Just choose your colour! Salah - A Guide to Prayer In Islam - After embracing Islam, many people ask themselves, "Ok, how do we now learn to pray? Well, this book takes you through how to pray, how to do wadu and the basic important things that you should know about praying! Gift-boxed - Presented in a lovely Pink, Black or Gold gift box lined with tissue paper we can add a short message on the gift tag please ensure you type your message in the comments section at checkout. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Exchange gifts, you will love one another.” What the hadeeth means is that giving gifts may generate and increase love. Get them a beautiful gift to certainly make a newlywed couple smile and feel loved.