Excessive Paw Licking: What to Look Out For
Now and then some dogs may be inclined to lick their paws for a number of reasons including local irritation or cleanliness. If you notice your dog persistently and aggressively licking or picking at their paws it may be a sign of an injury, laceration or even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Look to clean your pet’s paws with antiseptic soap and/or a topical antibiotic cream if you discover a problem, checking with a vet if the issue persists or appears more severe. It’s common for dog paws to appear cracked or dry, often the case with pets spending time on hard surfaces and developing thickened pads. In such cases it is said… “The best thing to do is rub Vitamin E cream into the pad just like you would if you used hand lotion on your own hands. But be sure to rub the ointment in well so the dog doesn’t lick it off.”