Brainwashed Lipstick-OBEY 2 HD
I know how much you love looking at My lips and My lipstick, watching Me put it on over and over again. It's so HYPN0T1C isn't it? I know it is, it makes you feel soooo good and so so excited. I bet you're already getting excited just thinking about it. Well now I'm going to BRAINWASH you, I'm going to make it so when you see My lips or watch Me apply lipstick that you automatically feel so OBEDIENT. When you see Me putting on My lipstick you'll feel so WEAK and unable to resist My commands. It feels sooo good to do everything I say. Now watch Me apply nude, pink and red lipstick with lots of gloss on top Video includes *Brainwashing *mantras *lipstick application *Tr4nce *brainwave entrainment *light music *multi layered voice tracks *ASMR whispers *post suggestions *spiral induction *subliminal messages *amnesia *face and lip close-ups