Funthropology Site Changelog
This blog post will be dedicated to providing major site changes and product additions. I will do my best to keep this properly updated. My hope is that this will serve as an easy way for you to keep up on what has changed or been added to the store. | 05/15/2019 | Wall Art is in the works! I have been able to start work on our store again. I am starting on Wall Art to add in Posters, Framed Posters and Canvas art. If you see designs you would like in as wall art from other products, send me an email and I will raise it on our priority list to get it out to you. All our Wall Art is also eligible for our free shipping! My next product target will be socks! Hopefully coming soon. | 10/13/2018 | Plus Sizes Have Been Added! I have added 4XL and 5XL sizes into the store. Look for the Plus Sizes button on the product page for any shirt to find them. I could not merge them with existing product pages and so they have their own now. This worked out ok since there are slightly fewer color options and would have needed their own page anyway. | 09/29/2018 | The Spirit Back In! It was pointed out to me that some early covers for The Spirit were in public domain and so I added those back in! Coming soon I plan to add Plus sizes (4XL and 5XL) into the store (it will take me some time). Also a quick note on store progress: I have had to put additional products aside for now as I am knee deep into our card game (Capes & Chaos). It will be a good several months before I can come back to it, but I do plan to! Until then, enjoy the current thousands of different shirts we have! | 08/15/2018 | Opening Adjustments Immediately after we opened we started making many adjustments and updates. One of the largest changes is our pricing model. We have brought our prices down substantially. Our original product calculations were off and we made meaningful adjustments bringing them down! We have removed two Retro Comic Titles from our lineup upon discovering they were not yet in the Public Domain: The Spirit Shadow Comics To replace the removed Comic Titles we have added 4 new ones! Mr. Risk Secret Agent Soldier Comics WOW Comics We replaced our main slider with style silent videos featuring a few products. We put together a huge gallery of modeled shirts on the home page. There are over 100 modeled Comic Book designs to browse through! Also updated the FAQ regarding our compliance with licenses. | 07/31/2018 | Store Grand Opening!!! There is still SO much to do, but I have to start somewhere. Please excuse our dust! Many more updates to follow. We are opening the store with our main Retro Comic Styles lineup having 90 different Comic Titles. Most of these titles have several covers bringing our total design count to: 359! (My OCD side is itching to find one more cover for 360 count, but we will have more soon so I will refrain!) Where is a comprehensive list of our Cover Titles at launch: Amazing-Man Comics An Earth Man On Venus Atom The Cat Black Cat Black Cobra Black Fury Blackhawk Blue Bolt Broncho Bill Bulletman Captain Battle Captain Easy Captain Flash Captain Flight Captain Future Captain Midnight Captain Science Cat-Man Cave Girl Claire Voyant Crack Comics Eagle Comics Eerie Comics Exciting Comics Fantastic Comics Fighting American Firehair Comics Flying Nurses Forbidden Worlds Funnyman Gangsters And Gunmolls Ghost Comics Hangman Hit Comics Jet Powers Jungle Comics Lady Luck Lightning Comics Love Comics Major Victory Comics ManOMars Military Comics Minute Man Miss Fury Moon Girl Mystery Men Comics Out Of The Night Out Of This World Pep Comics Phantom Lady Planet Comics Plastic Man Police Comics Punch Comics Rangers Comics Robin Hood Rocket to the Moon Seven Seas Comics Shadow Comics Sherlock Holmes Silver Streak Comics Smash Comics Space Ace Space Action Space Busters Space Detective Space Man Space War Startling Comics Strange Worlds Sun Girl T-Man The Arrow The Bionic Woman The Blue Beetle The Crimson Comet The Fighting Yank The Flame The Ghost Rider The Green Mask The Panther The Phantom Knight The Spirit Wanted Comics Weird Comics Weird Fantasy Wings Comics Wonder Comics Wonderworld Comics Yellowjacket