The Jonathan Torch Collection of Curly Hair Styles for Fall/Winter – Corporate/Professional
This week’s curly hairstyle we will focus on from the Jonathan Torch Collection will be the Corporate/Professional look. With the time constraints of getting ready in the morning, a weekday hairstyle should be styled close to the face with structured and natural movement using a quick and simple technique. Choose a style that makes you look and feel professional, confident and ready to impress everyone you encounter during the day. Here’s how to create the corporate/professional look at home: 1. While hair is still damp, begin at the bangs and comb hair towards the back of the head. 2. Begin with gorgeous frizz-free curls using Curl Keeper and the Skip Curl technique. 3. Begin drying the hair using a hairdryer and diffuser. Use a hair band to keep hair off the face while drying. 4. Finish drying hair by flipping head over forward by bending from the waist to let hair hang downwards. Diffuse hair in an upward motion to create volume and speed up the drying process.