The Jonathan Torch Collection of Curly Hair Styles for Fall/Winter – Elegant
This week’s curly hairstyle we will focus on from the Jonathan Torch Collection will be the Elegant look. Create a seamless transition of graceful style from your toes all the way to your head with much defined curls. Tonight’s the night to take your curls into a look designed with timeless, elegant sensuality in mind. Here’s how to create the elegant look at home: 1. Being with the gorgeous frizz-free curls using Curl Keeper™ and the Skip Curl Technique. 2. Start at the top of the hair crown and working downwards, slowly pin up one curl at a time. 3. Use a bobby pin in the middle of the curl so it is loose going up and the ends hang down. 4. Continue pinning up a few or many curls as suits your style. Use hairspray to keep the style and curls in place.