Top 10 most expensive superhero movies made thus far | Fly FM
With the inclusion of several A-list actors, a big name of director and producers, as well as more special effects, it's no surprise that superhero films rack up a huge budget to produce in the Hollywood. With people's movie preference is leaning towards superheroes genre nowadays, it has become a must to be exclusive. Here, check our list of the most expensive superhero movies that has been made. 10. X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) Budget: 210 million USD This movie was quite the production. It had one hectic schedule as director Brett Retner was forced to send newly shot scenes to the editors so they can immediately began work on the editing and visual effects – which were created in four countries by 11 different companies. That being said, the movie was made for 210 million USD, making it the most expensive movie ever made at that time. 9. The Avengers (2012) Budget: 220 Million USD This movie was obviously a huge production. Not only did Marvel need to get on all those