The Bride's Special Spa Treatment -A Threesome with Sexy Guys & Tentacle Sex- | Minami Shiina | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Yumi, who's getting married, tries a spa that's popular for its "life-changing" experience. There are two gorgeous-looking men, Reiji and Yuuki, massaging Yumi's body thoroughly with lotion, especially around Yumi's most sensitive parts. Yumi wants more now, so she decides to take the "secret treatment". "We'll make your body so that it pleases your fiancee."...Two handsome men grope, lick, suck and fondle Yumi's body from top to bottom. Finally the new spa-treatment tentacle machine keeps sucking her "dwn there." "Please...it's coming in... *THRUST* *THRUST* ...please stop it...!"